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Sunday, 30 September 2012

हमन है इश्क मस्ताना, हमन को होशियारी क्या ?

(Shafi Muhammad Faqir  Sings Kabeer)

 हमन है इश्क मस्ताना, हमन को होशियारी क्या ?
रहें आजाद या जग में,  हमन दुनिया से यारी क्या ?

जो बिछुड़े हैं पियारे से, भटकते दर-ब-दर फिरते,
हमारा यार है हम में, हमन को इंतजारी क्या ?

खलक सब नाम अपने को, बहुत कर सिर पटकती है,
हमन हरिनाम रांचा है, हमन दुनिया से यारी क्या ?

न पल बिछुड़े पिया हमसे, न हम बिछड़े पियारे से,
उन्हीं से नेह लागा है,  हमन को बेकरारी क्या ?

कबीरा इश्क का माता , दुई को दूर कर दिल से,
जो चलना राह नाज़ुक है, हमन सर बोझ भारी क्या ?


Haman hai ishq mastana, haman ko hoshiyaari kya
rahein aazad ya jag mein, haman duniya se yaari kya?

jo bichde hain piyaare se, bhatakte dar-ba-dar firte
hamaara yaar hai humme, haman ko intazaari kya?

khalak sab naam apne ko, bahut kar sar patakti hai,
haman harinaam raancha hai, haman duniya se yaari kya ?

na pal bichde piya hamse, na hum bichde piyaare se
unhi se neh laaga hai, haman ko bekaraari kya ?

kabeera ishq ka naata, dui ko duur ka dil se,
jo chalna raah naazuk hai, haman ko bojh bhaari kya ?


I am putting down a rough translation of this bhajan. I am not sure whether I have got the meaning of the 2nd line of 1st stanza and the 3rd stanza correctly.

I am the inebriated love, why should I be conscious
Whether free or in world, why should I be bound?  

Those separated from their beloved are wondering
My love is within me, for me there is no looking for him

The whole world keeps fighting over the name
I have Lord's name on my lips why should I care for the world ?  

Not a moment my Love is away from me nor am I from my Love
I am in love with him why should I be perturbed?  

Kabeer, the essence of love, is to remove duality from heart
If one has to walk a tender path, why to carry heavy burden?


one said...

Hi there,

thanks for sharing the lyrics.

The meaning of 2nd line of first stanza is in correct.

The "ya" used here means "this" not "or"

i.e. "I live free in this world, I have nothing to do with this world"


darpan said...

Very good shabad by kabirji. Meaning one who is in constant love with God.he knows no other tricks. He is free from all entanglement and he sees only his beloved almighty all the time. Those who are keeping away from God or from his name they are in miserable condition. One who is engrossed in creator God has no worry at all. The world seeks God outside and uses different tricks and method to find him. Everything that we see is fictitious Nd only God and his name is true. His name is within us we need not to search outside. One who is mixed perfectly with God.only he is T peace. The world is made from duality and it is very difficult to get out of dual world. But then if you have right path given by god's true representative. The path become a easy and enjoyable.

darpan said...

vishal said...

like all kabir works this one is very complex to understand and even more complex to explain... he is simply saying detachment is the best form of state of mind...

Anonymous said...

Hi Sir,

Thank you for sharing this in English. I am a big fan of kabeer das poetry. Please also find the description in Hindi on

I enjoyed reading both versions Hindi and English.