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Friday, 11 September 2009

Laa_ii hayat aaye, kazaa le Chalii Chale

लाई हयात आए, क़ज़ा ले चली चले,
ना अपनी खुशी आए ना अपनी खुशी चले
[हयात = Life, क़ज़ा = Death]

बेहतर तो है यही की ना दुनिया से दिल लगे ,
पर क्या करे जो काम ना बेदिल्लगी चले

हो उम्र-ए-खिजर भी तो कहेंगे बा-वक़्त-ए-मर्ग,
हम क्या रहें यहाँ अभी आए अभी चलें
[उम्र-ए-खिजर = old age, बा-वक़्त-ए-मर्ग = at time of death]

दुनिया ने किस का दिया है राह-ए-फ़ना में साथ ,
तुम भी चले चलो जब तक चली चले
[राह-ए-फ़ना = path of annihilation]

नाज़ान ना हो खिरद पे जो होना है वो ही हो,
दानिश तेरी ना कुछ मेरी दानीश्वारी चले
[नाज़ान = Proud; खिरद = intellect; दानिश = Intellect, दानीश्वारी = Intelligence]

कम होंगे इस बिसात पे हम जैसे बद खिमार ,
जो चाल हम चले वो निहायत ही बुरी चले

जा की हवा-ए-शौक़ में है इस चमन से 'ज़ौक़' ,
अपनी बला से बाद-ए-सबा कहीं चले
[baad = wind]
I have tried to translate the essence of his ghazal.

Life got me here and Death takes me away,
Neither I came happy nor am leaving by will.

Prudence demands not to get involved in worldly pleasures
but what to do if the heart is indulgent

Even in old age at the deathbed I will say
I spent lil time here , just arrived and ready to leave

No one will come with you on the path of annihilation
so keep walking as long as you can

Do not be proud of your intellect
as it will not serve you any good

Few would be as bad a player of this game as I,
Whatever move I made turned to be a bad move

The wind of passion keeps 'Zauq' in this garden,
but does the wind blow without any reason?

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