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Sunday, 5 December 2010

Man Kunto Maula

Hazrat Amir Khusrow has written this Qawwali. Most of the famous qawwals over the generation have sung this manqawat (Qawwali in praise of Imam Ali) . The first stanza is poetic version of the hadith (Sayings of the Prophet) of the pond of Khumm. As per Shia Muslims here Mohammad proclaimed Ali as his successor. Prophet said that "Of whomsoever I had been Master(Mawla), Ali here is to be his Master." Sunnis have a different interpretation of this Hadith. 
Whem Hazrat Amir Khushro visited Sufi Saint Bu Ali Shah Qalandar he ask him to say something in honor of Imam Ali . Then Amir Khusrow said these verses  

अली इमाम-ए-मनस्तों मनम गुलाम-ए-अली
हज़ार जाँ-ए-गिरामी फ़िदा-ए-नाम-ए-अली 
[Ali is the master of all, I am the slave of Ali
thousands life are to be sacrificed for Ali. ]

शाह-ए-मर्दां, शेर-ये-येज्दां
ला फता इल्ला अली
ला सैफ इल्ला ज़ुल्फ़िकार
 [King of the brave, the Lion of God
The Strength for The Lord,
There is none like Ali,
There is no sword like Zulfiqaar (Sword of Ali)]

अली शाह-ए-मर्दां इमामों कबीरा
के बादश्त नबी शुद बसीरुष नजीरा
[Ali is the king of men, the great spiritual leader,
Cause after the Prophet he becamethe bearer of glad tidings and warner for mankind ]

मन कुन्तो मौला
ख्वाजा अली-उन मौला
[ "Whoever I am master to,Venerable Ali is his Master too."  hadith of the pond of Khumm]

दारा दिल-ए-दारा दिल-ए-दारे-ए-दानी
ओम तुम तानाना नाना, तानाना नाना रे
यालाली यालाली याला, याला रे
[ These words are sufi mystical chants. Many people have different interpretation.For instance, the highly esteemed singer and acclaimed authority on Hindustani music, Ustad Amir Khan (1912-1974), held the view that the syllables used in singing tarana-s are derived from the Persian language. According to him, a tarana phrase like “daaraa dil” would really mean “aa dar dil” (“Enter into the heart”]

हज़रत आमिर खुसरो 'देहलवी'  

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