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Saturday, 8 August 2009

La- sharika-La hu

दम-बा- दम जलवागर,
तू ही तू चार सू,
हो के माहौल में ,
कुछ नही ईल्लह हू,
तुम बहुत दिलरुबा,
तुम बहुत खूबरू,
अर्श की आज़मातें,
फर्श की आबरू,
तुम हो कोनैइन का हासिल-ए-आरज़ू,
आँख ने कर लिया आँसुओं से वज़ू,
उब तो कर दो अता दीद का इक सबु,
आओ पर्दे से तुम आँख के रु-बॅ-रु,
चंद लम्हे मिलन, दो घड़ी गुफ्तगू,
नाज़ ज़ब्ता फिरे जा-बा-जा,कू-बा-कू,
वाहदा हू, वाहदा हू
ला-शरीका-ला हू

अल्लाह हू, अल्लाह हूं
[मरकज़ = center; ज़ुस्तुजु= search/Desire; आलम = Universe; रंग-ओ-बू = Color and Smell, दम-बा- दम = In every breath ; जलवागर = visible; खूबरू = Handsome; अर्श = heaven; आज़मातें = magnificence; फर्श = floor; = dignity
कोनैइन = both worlds,वज़ू = ablution; दीद= vision ; सबु =grain; जा-बा-जा = place to place
कू-बा-कू = street to street; वाहदा = Unity; ला-शरीका = no partners, हू (arabic) = divine presence, beyond definition]

The english translation is given below.

You are the center of every search,
the world of fragrance and color,
in every heartbeat you are apparent
in all four corners you are present
You are in the surroundings
nothing is there to refutes you
you are the beloved, you are the handsome
You are the magnificence of Heaven,
You are the dignity of the surface,
You are the yearning desire of the two worlds.
The eyes have completed the ablution with tear,
so now grant the flak of your vision,
Come beyond the veil, in front of the eyes
Meet for few breaths, Converse for two seconds
Your pleasure links every where; from place to place, from Street to street
The One Alone, The One Alone
With No Partners

Is God, IS God

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