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Monday, 21 May 2007


‘Hazaaron Khaishein Aisii, Ki Har Khaish pe Dam Nikle…’
- Mirza Asaddula Khan ‘Ghalib’

‘Thousands of desires, like this,’ said Ghalib ‘that for each one, I feel like dedicating my entire life’.

‘Gunche’ is one such desire of mine. ‘Guncha’ is a Hindi/Urdu word which means flower bud and ‘Gunche’ is plural of that. In the hope that these buds will bloom some day I have started this blog.

For last 2-3 years, I had been wanting to pen down my thoughts. Initially I planned to have my own website but that would have required an enormous amount of time. So I decided to blog. It has taken me a couple of years to get started. Two reasons prompted me to write my blog and one inhibited me from doing so. First reason was that I wanted to put down my thoughts and share it with the others. I always wanted to write the summary of the books I read. This is what I am going to do here until something else strikes me. Second reason was to improve my writing skills.
The reason which inhibited me from writing was laziness and this might be the reason for me to delay the next article or at worst not to write anything at all. But at this point of time I am very optimistic and confident that I will continue with it.

I have started writing this prologue when I have reached the denouement of my First article – Kublai Khan. Initially, I felt helpless. Writing does not come easy to me and more so writing in a language which is not my mother tongue. I am unable to translate my thoughts into words and sentences. Nevertheless, I am trying.

As far as my introduction goes, I am a 2nd year Management student with three years of experience in the software industry. Urdu, Ghazals, literature and history are subjects which fascinate me. I have just learnt writing basic Urdu but am still unable to read it fluently. Till late, Ghazals meant ‘Ghalib’ to me but now it is also ‘Meer’. In Literature I love reading ‘Magical Realism’ and my favorite is Gabriel Garcia Marquez. For me his best book is ‘Love in the time of Cholera’ and not ‘One hundred years of solitude’. The book which I am reading now is his ‘Living to tell the tale’. In religion, I am reading Islam. In history, I am currently interested in history of western and central Asia history, period 800 - 1300 AD.

I have started with a ‘Ghalib’ but will end with a ‘Meer’.

‘Shikvaa-e-aablaa abhii se ‘Meer’,
Hai pyaare hanoz Dilli duur.’

[ Shikvaa = Complaint, aablaa= blisters, pyaare = dear, hanoz=still/yet, Dilli = Delhi]
[The destination is far off and you have started complaining of blisters.]

And lastly your comments and suggestions will be very valuable to me.


tushar said...

I didn't knew that a studious person like you,whom i have always seen engrossed in maths,physics who made his mark in software sector is neither a student of maths neither a software engineer............he is altoghether a different person whom i never saw, though at times during school days(the days we were together), the other side did appeared, but the lifespan was shorter than sehwag's stay at crease, but i never had a inkling that down the line the other side of prashant dheeraj will be more prominent...........gr888888
though i haven't yet read the article completely but one thing i can say(it will sound preposterous but it itsn't) that u have all the ingredient of good writer....the way u started ur article was fabulous.Though, i am bit choosy in reading books moreover history is strict no for me yet the start made me read it.
great going bro..............

tushar said...

sorry guys the one posted in gunche is for kublai khan because sher - o - shayari is still a strict no for me.....................

Linisha said...

Well, looks like you did manage to put in a second blog.. :) Hey Prashant.. tum continue karo... I found it an interesting read!

Rajesh said...

Hey PD,
nice to see you are reading things worth readin.
I myself liked Marquez,
but this Galib things looks interestin, will chck it out

pilot-pooja said...

Time to shed laziness and post again PD!