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Tuesday, 30 March 2010

arsh se idhar hota kaash ke makaan apna !!

Putting down this beautiful ghazal by Ghaalib..
ज़िक्र उस परीवश का, और फिर बयाँ अपना
बन गया रक़ीब आखिर था जो राजदां अपना
[ परीवश = like fairy, बयाँ = recount; रक़ीब = competitor/enemy, राजदां = one with whom you share secrets/friend]

मय वो क्यो बहुत पीते बज़्म-ए-गैर मे या रब
आज ही हुआ मंज़ूर उन को इम्तिहा अपना
[मय = wine; बज़्म-ए-गैर = congregation of strangers]

मंज़र इक बलंदी पे और हम बना सकते
अर्श से इधर होता काश के मकान अपना #
[ मंज़र = destination, बलंदी = great heights, अर्श = heaven]

दे वो जिस क़दर ज़िल्लत हम हसीं में टालेंगे
बारे आशना निकाला उनका पासबां अपना
[ज़िल्लत = humiliation, बारे = atlast; आशना = friend; पासबां = guardian/watchdog]

दर्द-ए-दिल लिखूं कब तक? जाउन उन को दिखला दूं
उंगलियाँ फिगार अपनी खामाखूँ चकन अपना
[फिगार = wounded, खामाखूँ = young blood, चकन = dripping]

घीसते घीसते मिट जाता आप ने अबस बदला
नंग-ए-सजदा से मेरे संग-ए-आस्तां अपना
[अबस = without reason, नंग-ए-सजदा = prostration in shame, संग-ए-आस्तां = brick of your house]

ता करे ना गमाज़ी, कर लिया है दुश्मन को
दोस्त की शिकायत मे हम ने हम-ज़बान अपना
[गमाज़ी = inform, हम-ज़बान = who speak same language/friend]

हम कहाँ के दाना थे किस हुनर में यकता थे
बे_सबब हुआ गालिब दुश्मन आसमाँ अपना
[दाना = learned/wise, हुनर = talent, यकता = unique, बे_सबब = without reason]
'Mirza Ghaalib'

# To all those people who are drowned in their success,giving all the credit to their "hard work" and "vision" , completley discounting the luck facor  and looking down upon the left behinds, this sher might help them to become more humble. 

Here is my attempt at translation of this ghazal:

Tale about that fairy and I being the raconteur
I made an enemy out of one who was my friend once 

O lord, why does she enjoys other’s company so much
I think she has decided to test my love today

I too could have achieved great heights
Had my house been slightly below the heaven

Whatever humiliation she bestows me I'll bear gleefully
At last I have befriended one who is her guardian

how long shall I compose about the pain my heart is undergoing?
I should show her the fresh blood dripping from my fingers
Unnecessarily you changed the brick of your house
Any ways it would have got rubbed by my continuous prostration

I hope my enemy doesn’t go and tell her about my backbiting
As I have made him my friend by complaining about her

I am not a wise man nor am I unique in any talent
Then why 'Ghaalib', God has taken umbrage of you.*

* That time there was this belief that god , in order to test the resolve, gives great difficulty to people who are learned and wise

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