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Saturday, 22 August 2009


I am a palimpsest of mankind; a cradle of civilization, mother of many religions and source of numerous philosophical thoughts. Many came to me; Kings, Conquerors, Tyrants, Philosophers and I assimilated them all. Since Yore I have been emanating the message of love, harmony and peaceful coexistence (Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam). I am high mountains and the deep sea. At one place I am fertile land and at other brazen desert. Here I am tiny brook and there I become a mighty river. I am cornucopia of culture. Though I speak thousands of dialects I understand the language of Love. Today I am harbinger of many human developments. I am the power house of world. I am on the moon. I am freedom. I am collective will and voice of a billion people. I am flux; I am unity. I am an Indian; I am India.


Yugal Joshi said...
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Yugal Joshi said...

This stuff made mr PD (as we lovingly call him) richer by Rs 1000, he has promised to sponsor our Kaminey movie outing.. we are waiting for that ..