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Saturday, 27 September 2008


Maid to princess on seeing her distraught:

"मन्दिर माँ सुंदर खड़ी, खड़ी सुखावे केश,
जिनके आँगन केवडा , वो क्यूँ मैला भेष ?"

( Standing in the temple in scroching heat,O beautiful, just to dry your hairs,
for those having kewda in their backyard are not supposed to be slovenly.)

Princess replies nonchalantly:
"आग लगो इस केवडे को,अरे जलो बूझो यह केश
जिस माली का केवडा, वो माली परदेश "
" केसरिया बालम, आओ रे,पधारो म्हारे देश ।"

( Let the Kewda be on fire, and put the hairs to burn,
for the one to whom this Kewda (indicating herself) belongs is not here.
O beloved, come back, come back to me)

This verse is taken from Rajasthani folk song 'Kesariya Balam, Padharo mhaare desh'. The english translation is not word by word but just an attempt to capture the emotion.

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Rajesh Barnwal said...

could you please translate the whole lyrics of this beautiful song.